Sunday, October 21, 2007

Foster Parenting - To Do or Not To Do.

We are thinking about becoming foster parents and we need your help. We will be attending an all day class on foster parenting through the County Welfare office here in Bend on November 3rd and we could really use your prayers to help us decide whether this is something we can do. If you have any words of wisdom or encouragement, please e-mail us as we are both feeling led to make this step, but we also have a lot of fears we need to work through first. We have only committed to attending the meeting and we will decide from there whether we want to proceed through the training process or not. This is a big decision and we can not go into it without considering all of the consequences thoroughly. Thank you for your prayers and please don't hesitate to e-mail us your thoughts as we really need a lot of counsel to make this decision. All our love - The Benningtons

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Christmas Card Photo????

Trying to stay warm (it was raining - of course, its Oregon)

My Dad wanted to get a picture of us all in our Beaver paraphernalia!

Well we made the trek across the mountains last weekend to welcome my cousin Mike to Corvallis, Oregon from Honolulu, Hawaii. Mike is a freshman at Oregon State University (my alma mater). To welcome him to Oregon it seemed only fitting to take him to an Oregon State football game. The Beavers played the UCLA Bruins on a cold, wet day in Corvallis and sadly the Bruins kicked the Beavs butts. As sad as the game was, we still were able to have a wonderful time and it was great to see Mike. Incredibly enough Mike lives in the same dormitory that I spent my freshman year. Much to our amazement we discovered that Mike did not own an umbrella or a rain coat. So Sunday after the game Holly and I spent several hours driving Mike around doing some much needed shopping. A rain coat, hiking boots, umbrella, Gatorade, gloves, and several warm socks later we were done. Hopefully that will keep our young Hawaiian cousin from wishing he picked a dryer, warmer school. Good luck with school Mike and GO BEAVERS!!!!! - Robert