Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Babies' First Photo with Santa!

I wanted to get the babies out of the house for a little bit today, and since I had a coupon for World Market (one of my favorite stores!) I decided to bundle them all up for an afternoon of shopping with Mommy:) As soon as I got to the Cascade Village Shopping Center I realized they were having their seasonal "Photos with Santa" and on a whim decided to take a chance and see how the babies would do! Thankfully, it happened to be a slow afternoon for Santa (we were the only ones there!) so I was able to get the babies out of the stroller/off my back without feeling rushed, and Santa was super friendly and instantly won Oliver's affection by bringing over a giant Christmas Pooh Bear! Santa was a little worried that the babies would freak out if I wasn't in the picture and was also concerned he wouldn't be able to safely hold all three on his lap so I joined in the holiday cheer...and also had my picture taken with Santa (I think it's been over 20 years since that has happened!) I was totally expecting one (or all) of the babies to cry and throw a fit, but they did great and seemed to really enjoy Santa and his toys! Or maybe it was the fact that the lady who worked there kept feeding them french fries... :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pink Dress Photos

This little pink dress was made a few generations ago and has been worn by all of the little girls in the Smith family. I had pictures taken in it at 2 years old and today Audrey and Grace had their turn at 18 months old! I've also included a picture of my cousin Kellie's daughter, Taleah, who had her picture taken in it last month as well. And since the girls were doing so great "modeling" today, I had the photographer get some other fun shots:) Enjoy!

Holly (2 years)

Audrey (18 months)


Gracie (18 months)


Cousin Taleah (22 months)

Yes, that's a Blackberry in Audrey's hands

Feeding sister Cheerios

The Bennington beauties!

Bennington buns:)

I love the "twin" side leg pose!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Winnie the Pooh Halloween

Sorry the blog hasn't been updated in quite some time: I tend to do most of our updating and picture posting on Facebook these days (it's faster and easier and I can do a lot of it from my phone!) so that's where all the daily happenings and photos are! Aren't the triplets reason enough to join? :)

Took the babies to the Sunriver Village this afternoon for Halloween; unfortunately, the "party" didn't start until much later so the mall was pretty empty! We didn't get any candy, but we did stop at Goody's for some ice cream! And at least the kiddos got to dress up, get out of the house, and play in the grass - and I got some really cute pictures, so it wasn't a total loss:) Here's the Winnie-the-Pooh Gang...enjoy!

(And for those of you who haven't yet heard, we took in a 21 month old foster son late Tuesday evening. He was placed with us for physical abuse, so he's pretty quiet and has quite a few bruises. But he is a very sweet boy and gets along really well with the triplets. And no small coincidence, I just happened to have purchased an extra costume that I thought was going to go unused...but fit him just perfectly. God knew we'd need it:))

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sears Portraits 2010

Robert's cousin is getting married this weekend in Portland (Congratulations, Peter and Stephanie!!!) and although I don't often buy the girls matching dresses, I just happened to be in our favorite baby store in the whole wide world (Baby Phases Tot 2 Teen) and found two adorable fluffy white dresses in the perfect sizes on the clearance I bought them. And since the girls will only be in them for about 3 hours at the wedding, I thought I'd get a little more "use" out of them by getting some pictures taken at Sears! So yesterday I loaded the babies in the car, packed the back with their gear, two changes of clothes, snacks, drinks, props, etc., and headed to Sears! Penny came along to help - and thank goodness she did! This was only the babies' second "professional" photo shoot (we had Christmas pictures done when they were about 6 months old) and since then they have all become quite a bit more mobile! We were sweating bullets trying to keep them all in the same spot; as soon as we got them "posed" the photographer would have to start snapping pics as quickly as she could (I think I'm even in a few shots accidentally running out of the frame trying to make my exit!) before a baby, or two, or three started rolling or crawling away! But about 2 hours and an exhausted, dehydrated mom later, we managed to get a few great shots: mission accomplished! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Fun

This week has been so incredibly warm and sunny that I've decided to try and get the babies outside as part of our routine each day! This week we've walked the neighborhood, we've walked the river trail down at the Old Mill (I pushed two babies in the double stroller and carried one on my back), we've sat on a blanket in the grass in our backyard and played with toys, and yesterday, the babies played in their new kiddie pool for the first time! Here are some pictures - and even a video! - of all the "fun-in-the-sun" the babies and I have been enjoying!

Oooh...this is like a huge bathtub!

Gracie in her stylish swimsuit

I love that belly.

So, what you wanna do? I don't know...what you wanna do?

Audrey loves to splash!

The three musketeers

Hey guys...wait for me!!!

Audrey and Mommy at the Bend Farmer's Market

Daddy and Audrey at the Farmer's Market