Sunday, July 26, 2009

Audrey and Oliver

Haha, Audrey - that was a good one!

Hmmm... I think I'll eat your head

Hi Brother!

Audrey and Oliver's first kiss

Yum! His nose tastes good!

We put Audrey and Oliver together in the bouncy seat today and it was so much fun to watch them interact! Audrey kept trying to suck on Oliver's face, and every time he looked at her his eyes would get really big:)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Babies, Babies, Babies!!!

Together at last!

Three (sleepy) peas in a pod

Grandma Terri holding Audrey for the first time

Mommy feeding Gracie a bottle for the first time

"Oh, Mommy, do I get to play in my bouncy seat?"

"Yeah, this is FUN!"

Adorable Oliver

"Mmm... yummy binky"

Audrey isn't quite sure about bathtime!

Today we got all three babies together for the very first time and they had their first "triplet" photo shoot! They were all a little sleepy, and I'm not sure they really realized they were together, but it was cute nonetheless! Oliver has been eating so well that he got his feeding tube pulled yesterday, and now that he's such a big boy (7lbs1oz!) we've been putting him in his bouncy seat for a little while each day for "play time" and he loves it! Miss Audrey took her first full bottle today, and little Gracie reached 5lbs today and has been taking full bottles too!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

37 Weeks

Princess Grace

Oliver looks like he's ready for the mountain!

Miss Audrey

Grace is ready for her bath!

Sleepy Grace

Daddy and Oliver

Oliver "sunnin' his buns" - trying to fix some diaper rash

Daddy and Audrey snoozin'

Tomorrow the babies will be 10 weeks old (37 weeks gestationally), and are showing new abilities and reflexes every day! Last Friday I watched Oliver flip from his tummy to his back all by himself, the very same day Audrey began nursing (with vigor!), and early this morning Grace took an ENTIRE bottle by mouth! What big accomplishments! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of them!

Audrey's a cute one, but man, she's stinky!!! She's been pretty gassy this week and keeps us laughing (and gagging:)) She's up to 6lbs7oz today, and the doctor has put her on diuretics and some reflux medication because she was retaining quite a bit of fluid and was beginning to look like a little marshmallow!

Oliver has gotten s0 big! He was 6lbs14oz today (I can't believe he's almost 7 pounds!) and the little guy is awake all the time! We were really hoping he would be home this week, but he's still having pretty big desaturations and spells where he forgets to breathe. He has to go 7 full days without either of those things, so we know we have at least another week, probably more. But mommy and daddy are really enjoying feeding him and giving him baths.

And sweet little Grace is just about to hit the 5lb mark! She was 4lbs13oz today and is catching up with her big brother and sister! She seems to really enjoy her warm bath water, and just loves when mommy washes her little bald head:)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

8 Weeks

Audrey says - "Kiss me!"

Daddy giving Oliver his bottle

Grace getting her sponge bath

Daddy, Oliver, and Audrey

Audrey getting her pre-shot "sweeties"

Letting the "sweeties" work their magic

Audrey doesn't like her shots!

Poor baby! Oliver getting his shots.

Mommy and Oliver after vaccines

Oliver says "I'm DONE - no more!"

Grace getting her vaccines

Oliver and his binky

Mommy and Grace after vaccines

Oliver getting burped!

Sleepy Grace

Precious moments with Mommy

Grandpa Scott and Audrey

Sweet brother and sister

Yesterday marked our 8th week at the St. Charles NICU. The babies are now 35 weeks gestationally and have come a very long way from the tiny 1-2 pounders they were 8 weeks ago! We still have probably a good month left before all three babies are home, but it looks like Oliver may be coming home in the next week or so!

Audrey is well over 5lbs now, but due to her still open PDA (ductus in her heart) and her chronic lung disease (a term applied to any baby still requiring oxygen after 32 days of life), she was retaining quite a bit of fluid and had to be put on a diuretic and some reflux medication. She has been losing water weight the past few days and is looking less puffy. She is such a curious baby (the few moments of the day when she's awake!) and I love how she opens her big eyes as wide as she can and just looks around and blinks - just trying to take it all in!

Oliver is 5lbs 4 oz now and is so awake and alert all the time! I have to make an effort to keep my voice down when it's not feeding time because as soon as he hears my voice he wakes up and starts rooting around looking for food (even if he just ate!) He is still doing a great job at "nippling" (eating from breast or bottle), and as soon as he can go 7 days without any apnea that requires nurse stimulation to remind him to breathe he will be able to go home!!!

And sweet little Grace. She is up to 3lbs 12oz and is back off of oxygen! Mommy and Daddy have been continuing to do Kangaroo Care with her, and she is just such a sweet little baby. On July 7th she was finally moved from her isolette into an open crib like her big brother and sister, and now all three babies are in the same room!

On Wednesday the babies received their first few vaccines (ouch!) which they were not too happy about, but after some "sweeties" (a sugary liquid given to soothe the babies before needle sticks) and some Tylenol, they were done crying and back to sleeping - I think it was harder for mommy than it was for them!