Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Moments

St. Patty's Day

Yep, my good luck charm

Grace is such a doll

Daddy feeding Audrey strawberries at the babies' first picnic

Lindsey and I always seem to wear the same thing...

Self-portrait of mommy and Oliver

My little twin

Gracie in the grass

The Bennington girls with their friend Lydia

Cuddling in bed at the Goodman's house

They don't seem to all fit in the pack 'n play anymore...

Audrey's nurse was in loooove with Oliver

Our little bunkin right after surgery

Audrey and Oliver in the double stroller at Saturday Market

Mommy and Grace on the Max

Triplets? I think so!

Sweet sisters

Gracie getting acquainted with the spoon (and some residual carrots)

March has been a busy month! We've seen sun, snow, more sun, and more snow. The babies had their first picnic down by the river at the Old Mill, Audrey learned how to crawl, sit, and feed herself her bottle, Oliver now has FOUR teeth (two completely in and two more poking through), Grace has become the vocal one of the group and talks all the time, we made another trip to Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland for Audrey's follow-up procedure and got to stay with our good friends Nate and Kelly (who are expecting their own little bundle of joy in 2 weeks!) And it must be the sporadic good weather that is causing the babies to grow like weeds! While they were weighing Audrey for her procedure, we slipped Oliver and Grace on the scale for a quick weigh-in - and we know one little boy who will definitely NOT be this year's Biggest Loser! Oliver William is up to a whopping 24.5 lbs ... at only 10 months - and really should be only 7 months old!!! Nothing about that boy says preemie. Audrey isn't too far behind; she was nearly 21 lbs, and little Grace has been working hard and is up to 14!

Thankfully, our time at Doernbecher went very smoothly this trip. Audrey had outpatient surgery this time, which meant no over-nighters at the hospital. Her nurse (Julius) was fantastic and was so crazy about the babies he was carrying them around and paging doctors to come peek at them:) At first he asked if Audrey would need some medication to prevent "stranger anxiety" on her way to the operating room, but we just laughed and said not to worry; they'd be best friends before they got down the hall! They took her back and gave her some gas before starting her IV (which is always the hardest part for her), and less than an hour later she was in recovery. The good news is her cysts did not grow back. The bad news is with the cysts gone, the doctor was able to get a clearer picture of her airway and could see scar tissue that is blocking her airway 50%. Fixing her airway would require major reconstructive surgery. Part of her rib tissue would be removed to rebuild the portion of her airway that is restricted. The doctor would like to avoid this for as long as possible, in hopes that as she grows and her airway gets bigger, the ratio of open airway to blocked airway will increase in her favor. The scary part is if she gets sick: because her airway is so small, she doesn't have much "wiggle room" for any mucus or inflammation. He said it is likely that any sickness will land us in the hospital or emergency room. So, like we've been doing, we'll just keep a really close eye on her and do our best to keep her happy and healthy while her little body (and airway!) gets bigger and stronger. Her ENT wants to see her again in the Fall, and we're praying we can avoid the hospital until then.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February Snapshots

Eating is messy business

Poor bubba after his shots

Still working out the details...

"I can crawl!"

Audrey in her pretty sweater from Grandma Marsha

Mommy and Gracie

"9 months old?! That's funny, Mom!"

Tummy time!

The "twins" and their baby sister
(we get that a lot from strangers)

"Uh-oh, Mommy, why do I have boobies?"

Holding hands with Daddy

Snuggles with Daddy

Got yogurt?

My church twin, Lindsey, and our babies, Oliver and Lydia

"Mom, why are your homemade peas neon green?"

Taking a stroll at the Old Mill

Our first few weeks home from Portland were rough. Audrey seemed a bit traumatized from everything that happened to her, and our time in the hospital really threw the babies off schedule which left them waking up throughout the night, pretty much every hour on the hour. I found myself in tears one morning around 7 a.m. after waking up with the babies at 1:00, 2:00, 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. I think it was later that very same day that Robert and I decided we had to make some changes and get the babies not only back on schedule, but on a new and improved version. This past week has been a lot better; they are consistently napping from 12:00 - 2:00, and are going to bed at 8:00 p.m. We are trying to wean them from their middle of the night feeds, but that is taking some work and restraint (it's hard to let three babies cry it out!).

We've had a few really nice, warm days this week, which we have taken advantage of by hauling the triple stroller over to the Old Mill District and taking a few long walks along the Deschutes River. Our "wide load" gets quite a bit of attention, so we like to keep score of how many "Wow, you've got your hands full!" comments we get from strangers:) The babies seem to really enjoy getting out in the fresh air - and so do Mom and Dad! And this afternoon we were brave enough to take all three with us to Costco! I pushed Oliver in a stroller while Dad carried Audrey in a frontpack and pushed Gracie in her carseat in the shopping cart. We actually felt pretty incognito doing it that way - having them split up like that is a lot less inconspicuous than in a bright red triple stroller!

And now it's March, and in less than 2 weeks the babies will be 10 months old... incredible!