Thursday, January 1, 2009

Life at Home with our Little Guy

Having fun with Mama B

Someone likes Mama B's red shoes

Molly, T, and his bear from Grandma Marsha

Opening up his presents on Christmas morning

Fun with Papa B

Looking smart in Papa B's glasses

Wearing Mama B's snow boots

T and his buddy Jack from church

T enjoying bathtime!

We sure are enjoying having little T around! He brings so much energy to our home and we love how he says "hiya" everytime he sees us, how much fun he has playing with his toys, wearing our big clunky shoes around the house, chasing kitties, and of course, taking baths. And he sure has been soaking up all of the love and attention his five foster grandparents have been pouring on! His caseworker came by the other day and told us that his mom went into a drug treatment facility and that as soon as she has had a chance to settle in and get a little better they are hoping to have T join her there where she will receive training on how to be a good mommy to her son in a supervised environment. So, if all goes as planned, our time may be short with T so we're trying to enjoy each day with him and fill his little life with as much love and security as possible. We know God has a plan for his life, and whether that includes us or not, he's touched our lives forever and we'll always keep him in our prayers.