Sunday, July 1, 2007


While I was out watering plants the other day I stumbled upon some rather unique looking spider eggs. When I saw the big black mama clinging underneath them, I ran in the house and googled "Black widow spider eggs" on google images. The photos were a perfect match. I put Robert on spider-killing duty so he grabbed a sledgehammer and went to get her. Well, for a spider, she was pretty smart: saw Robert, and headed straight under the deck. We waited about an hour and went back for her. Like a good mama, she was back with her eggs. This time we brought the gardening tools. With one fell swoop Robert dug her out with the shovel, and sliced her in two with an ice scraper. Her babies met the same fate.

I guess her husband is now a Black Widower.


  1. yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck!!!
    i would do the same thing! bryan said the post sounded a morbid, but i am with you both. kill the black widows.... sorry little spiders.

  2. We laughed a lot at your "black widower" line!