Thursday, September 13, 2007

Our 2nd Anniversary

The Cannery Pier Hotel

The Lobby of CPH

View from our balcony

Astoria - the mini San Fransisco

Looking down from the Astoria Tower

View of the Columbia River

Mr. and Mrs. Bennington

Last weekend my wonderful husband surprised me with a romantic weekend getaway along the coast to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We left Saturday morning and drove up to Astoria, (in the very NW corner of Oregon), which I absolutely loved as it reminded me of a small, cozy version of San Fransisco. We stayed at an architectually stunning hotel on the Columbia River - The Cannery Pier Hotel - and had a room right on the river so we could watch the boats, seals, and freighters passing by. We drove up a very hilly street to the Astoria Tower which we climbed (146 steps up!) and had a breathtaking view. Looking down was a bit scary, but the view was well-worth it!

The next night we stayed at an adorable little bungalow in Long Beach, Washington. We took Kai for some long strolls along the beach, and curled up to a few episodes of 24 (we're addicted). On our way home we stopped at Cannon Beach (West of Portland), a very cute beach town reminiscent of Laguna Beach. Robert played fetch with Kai in the frigid waters while I observed from the sand and was stalked by a rabid pincher bug - how in the world did it end up at the beach?!

And tonight - 4 days later - is Robert's 29th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETIE!


  1. the hotel was gorgeous!

    did you count the steps, or was it posted? :D

    happy birhtday to robert!

  2. wow... this looks like it was sooooo nice. i miss you guys a lot! and holly.... you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL in these pictures. how the HECK do you get your hair to be so perfect????? i want your secret.... b/c i'm trying to grow mine out, and i'm trying to make it pretty, but it just doesn't work. :) sorry.... probably more information than needed in a blog comment.

    love you guys... miss you heaps!!!!

    happy bday robert
    and - though belated - congrats on two wonderful years together, and here's wishing you MANY MANY MANY more. :)