Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter Festivities

Our little tree all dressed up

The month of December is a great time to hear wonderful Christmas music, drink hot apple cider, get Christmas trees... and go to the beach?!

Yep! Robert and I were finally able to take a little vacation this past week as I enjoy my one month break between quarters at school. We spent two nights in the small town of McMinneville where we were able to visit the Evergreen Aviation Museum -home of Howard Hugh's enormous Spruce Goose- and do some wine tasting. The next two nights we spent in the darling coastal town of Cannon Beach. Aside from being a little cool (it averaged about 40 degrees each day), it was beautiful and empty:) We had the whole place to ourselves and were able to take some much-needed long walks along the beach with our doggie.
On Sunday after church we finally got our Christmas tree! We were all set to buy a normal (dead) one, but as we marched around the nursery and saw all of the cute little spruces and firs growing in pots were succumbed to take one home as a pet. We now have a 5-foot White Fir living in our house that we will eventually plant in our yard and that many many years from now will be around 80 - 100 feet tall!

Loading "Fir" into the truck

At the beach - and bundled up!

In front of the Spruce Goose

Holly and her friend Dana after a Christmas concert downtown

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