Sunday, July 13, 2008

The "Damsons"

Uncle Robert and the boys

Garrett doesn't look too sure about this.

One of three attempts to ride sans training wheels:)

Bowling is way better!

Uncle Robert showing Donovan his moves
Donovan and Garrett (my step-brother Mike's boys) were able to come visit grandma and grandpa for a whole month this summer and we enjoyed getting to spend some time with them too! We tried to teach Garrett how to ride his bike without training wheels, but he said it was "boring" and that he just wanted to go to our house and play with our cats:) So after playing with all the animals, we went bowling and spent a few hours in a used bookstore - smart kids:) They are very sweet boys and we enjoyed our time with them.


  1. WOW, they are so big! Haha, I'm so used to Garrett being totally bald that it seems to me like he's wearing a wig in the pictures! Aww, I want to hold those damsons again. :)

  2. i can't believe how big they are!!