Monday, August 25, 2008

Ben and Mary

Me and Mary

Mary and Ben

Getting ready to ride the tube

Ben and Mary on the tube

Me and Mary on the boat

A funny picture of Ben, Mary, and my dad


A whole new meaning to "wind-blown"

Mary enjoying her favorite pale ale on tap at Deschutes Brewery

Ben's excited about beer!

The girls at Nancy P's Bakery

Ben, Mary, and Amber almost to the top of Smith Rock

Uncle Bob and Chase - in matching orange shirts:)

Holly and Jack

Trevor, Bethany and Jack at the summit

Mary on the way down

Monkey Face

Cooling off in the river

Ben and Mary came to visit for a few days and we tried to pack in as much Central Oregon fun as possible! They arrived Thursday evening - after hitting a piece of metal, getting a flat tire, and hanging out in the middle of nowhere for 2 hours waiting for a tow truck. On Friday we went to Lake Billy Chinook with my dad and he took us out on his new boat, Draggin' Flies. Dad pulled us on their "tube" behind the boat and did his best to fling us off. We each took a few rides and the final ride (Mary/me) was pretty intense! Dad pulled us for about 30 minutes (with Ben keeping a careful eye on us in case we flew off), and kept going faster and faster. By the end it was like trying to stay on a bucking bronco, but Mary and I held our own and never came off! Saturday we hiked Smith Rock (about 4.5 miles) with friends from church. It was a gorgeous day, although a little too hot and sunny at the beginning of the hike! I nearly fainted on the way up, but on the way down the backside of the mountain we were mostly in the shade and found a nice river to jump into to cool off. Sunday Ben and Mary joined us at church and Mary and I played a harmonica / violin duet. Our time with the Giudices is never long enough, but we sure enjoy our time with them and look forward to our next visit!

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