Monday, September 28, 2009

The Many Faces of Audrey, Oliver, and Grace





This week I saw some really cute baby faces. The babies are becoming so much more interactive and are starting to make some adorable facial expressions. Oliver and Audrey are both recognizing mommy and daddy - and are letting us know by flashing big, goofy smiles whenever they see us:) And Grace has started tracking really well; if we walk to another part of the room, she will (slowly) turn her head and eyes to "follow" us.

And I just cannot believe how BIG my babies are getting! When I hold Oliver or Audrey to feed them, they take up my entire lap! At Oliver's last appointment he was well over 11lbs, and I'm sure he's hit 12 by now. Audrey was 11, and in just 9 days, Grace went from 8lbs to 8lbs10oz - she gained over an ounce a day! So amidst the sleep deprivation, piles of diapers and dirty bottles, I find myself treasuring every moment knowing that this time of tiny babies, coos, and gummy smiles is so precious, and so brief.


  1. What a joy to see your kids, Holly and Robert. When the Lord answers prayer, he answers prayer!

  2. Robert and Holly, I already have "Triple Treasures Chapter 2" underway. What type of music do you like?

    Redmond, WA