Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pink Dress Photos

This little pink dress was made a few generations ago and has been worn by all of the little girls in the Smith family. I had pictures taken in it at 2 years old and today Audrey and Grace had their turn at 18 months old! I've also included a picture of my cousin Kellie's daughter, Taleah, who had her picture taken in it last month as well. And since the girls were doing so great "modeling" today, I had the photographer get some other fun shots:) Enjoy!

Holly (2 years)

Audrey (18 months)


Gracie (18 months)


Cousin Taleah (22 months)

Yes, that's a Blackberry in Audrey's hands

Feeding sister Cheerios

The Bennington beauties!

Bennington buns:)

I love the "twin" side leg pose!

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