Thursday, April 7, 2011

Creative Ways to Decorate with Tea Cups...

While searching for instructions on how to grow plants in tea cups, I found this article with even more creative ways to use them whether they be old, mismatched, or even chipped! A dear friend of mine makes lovely birthday/housewarming gifts by collecting unique coffee cups, small bowls, and tea cups at thrift shops and yard sales, and then transforming them into little decorative planters by adding soil and a small plant! (#3 below gives further directions on how to properly grow plants in a teacup) So pull those old tea cups out of your cupboards and turn them into something lovely and practical this very afternoon!


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      For a creative and dainty candle holder, place a tea light or small votive candle inside a tea cup. Trim the wick and light to bring instant ambiance to any room. Add one to the bathroom, dining room, living room, or master and guest bedrooms.

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      Place a 1 cup scoop of your favorite scented potpourri into a tea cup to freshen a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room.

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      Turn a kitchen or garden-style (bay) window into a miniature flower or herb garden using three or four mismatched tea cups and saucers. Simply add 1/4 to 1/3 cup of small pebbles to the bottom of the tea cup. These will provide your plants with needed drainage. Then add about ½ to 1 cup of potting soil on top of the pebbles. Place 3 to 4 seeds or 1 young plant. such as an African Violet, Baby Tears, Ivy or any kitchen herb, into the soil. Water lightly and place in a windowsill receiving filtered sunlight.

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      Display a collection of shells or buttons in a tea cup.

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      Tie an 8 to 10 inch piece of thin (1/4 to 1 inch width) ribbon to the tea cup's handle and make a bow. For added interest, tie a small silver spoon to the ribbon as well, or simply rest the spoon on the saucer.

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      Use a pretty patterned tea cup on your dresser to collect loose change or earrings.

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      Place an elegant tea cup (or two) on a desk to hold paper clips, tacks or stamps in style.

    • 8

      Use a fancy tea cup in a bathroom to display small decorative soaps, cotton balls or bath beads.

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