Friday, February 3, 2012

I Never Should Have Done It...

It's official...I've joined a cult. You've probably heard of it; you may be a follower, too. It's called Pinterest and it's a virtual pinboard that lets you create your own themed "boards" (you may have one for crafts, cooking ideas, home decor, kids, gardening, etc.) and add "pins" to them (inspirational photos, DIY projects/tutorials, etc.). You can see what your friends are "pinning" you can make your own "pins" (links to photos you find anywhere online), or you can just look at random "pins" by strangers and then "re-pin" them to one of your boards. One thing's for will be inspired, amazed, sucked in, and obsessed! Here's just a sampling of some of the things I found today that I just had to "pin" to my various boards for safekeeping. If you'd like to follow my "pins" on Pinterest, you can click on the red tab to the right...enjoy!

Paint an old frame, paint the mirror with chalkboard paint, and voilá - your very own chalkboard!

Cut strawberries in half, dip in yogurt, and freeze.

This looks like such a cozy reading nook!

I am totally doing these fabric circles on one of my walls!

Hammered gold earrings from Etsy. I'm hoping Robert gets me these for Valentine's Day:)

Paint Mason Jars with Glow in the Dark paint to look like you've captured the it!

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