Friday, May 11, 2012

Our week in Instagram

Now that I have an iphone (thank you, sweet husband of mine) I've been taking most of my phone pictures using the Instagram app. It's fun choosing the different finishes (although I felt like Pixl-o-matic on my Evo had better options...) and then sharing them with the Instagram community. Here are a few of the moments I captured this week with Instagram...

 My dad putting Abigail's crib together

Grace wearing an old fun hat around the house 

A sweet kiss between Audrey and Oliver 

Grace proudly carrying around her big camping stick 

The triplets camping 

Mama camping at 35 weeks pregnant 

Our 12 year old pup

A trip to Cuppa Yo with Grandpa and Nana 

Grace at her yearly eval - which she passed with flying colors! 

Oliver enjoying some Ghiradelli chocolate that 
Grandpa and Tutu brought home from San Francisco  

Audrey at the salon ready for her first real haircut

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