Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Playing With Light

Ever since I got my iPhone 4S about a year ago, I don't think I've touched my actual camera. It's just so easy to pull out my phone (which is usually out anyway as I have a bit of an addiction to certain social media apps - but that's another story for another time...) and although the pictures are pretty darn good, there's just something I've been missing about using my real, heavy duty, adjust-a-few-settings, camera. I admit, I mainly just adjust the ISO depending on the day's lighting and leave quite a few other settings on "auto" but even so, my Canon takes some photos my iPhone couldn't dream of (although I hear the photo capabilities on the new iPhone 5 are like 10x better than the!). So when I was so rudely awakened by my sweet darling Gracie after nap time this afternoon and saw the gorgeous sunlight splayed across our hardwood floors with that perfect, glowy, afternoon lighting, I just had to get my camera out! I plopped Abigail down on the floor (she's sitting up unsupported so well now) and started clicking away - what a great smiley little subject she is! It felt so fun to have that heavy, solid camera in my hands! The super thin iPhone is nice on-the-go, but sometimes my hands hurt just from trying not to drop the darn thing while maneuvering my fingers into acrobatic contortions to hit the super "touchy" touchscreen just right! So here are a few shots from today - Audrey made her way into a few of them as well:) Enjoy the light!