Saturday, July 6, 2013

Amazing Amazima: the ministry of Katie Davis and the best book you'll ever read.

I just read a book that changed my heart and hopefully my life. It's about this young woman and the ministry God led her to begin in Uganda, Africa - Amazima Ministries (Amazima is the Ugandan word for "Truth"). She felt God calling her to follow Him, really follow Him by leaving everything behind to "love the least of these".  What started out as a 3 week trip to an orphanage led to a one year stay which led to a new home and life in Uganda. At just 19 years old, this single young woman had adopted 6 young Ugandan girls who had no hope of family; by the following year she was the young mother of 14. She also feeds and clothes and gives educational and medical help to HUNDREDS of other children each week and travels daily to other nearby towns offering medical assistance, food, and most importantly, the love and truth of Jesus. This young woman has taken Jesus at His word and is living life as His hands and feet to these precious people. Read about her story, her children, and the many, many lives she is touching in Uganda, in her book, Kisses from Katie.

Add it to your summer reading list. You won't be disappointed. You may never be the same.

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