Thursday, January 4, 2007

Christmas - Celebration of Christ or Celebration of Self?

Christmas disgusts me! I know, that is a horrible thing to say and feel but its true. Its not that I hate what Christmas is suppose to represent. I hate what Christmas has become. I am not talking about Christmas in the secular world. I am talking about Christmas in the Christian world. This year was my second Christmas as a Christian and I am deeply saddened how Christians treat Christmas. Sure we pray, we sing, we read the story of Jesus' birth. We put up our nativity scenes and we write bigger checks to the church or to our favorite charity. We spend time with family and friends and we buy each other gifts. All of these things feel good, but do these things glorify God? Jesus Christ stepped down from the comfort of Heaven into the slums of the earth so that he could be tortured and killed so that you and I might be made right with God. Does decorating a tree or buying gifts for each other show God how much we love and appreciate Him? The Messiah is born and we sit at home watching football? I am tired of being this way.

Thank God for Jesus!