Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Zaharas Come to Portland!

Last week Robert and I drove to Portland to see our cousins Nick and Julie. They were up from Phoenix to see the city, visit the vineyards and scope out the housing situation. Although it was a little hard for Nick to get around town with his broken foot (what a sport!), we had an absolutely FABULOUS time!!! We tried some really great restaurants: Henry Weinhards (over 100 beers on tap!), South Park (very French - very classy), and even this cute vintage breakfast place called Mother's, which I think poor Nick and Julie ended up going to 3 times in 3 days:)

On Thursday we drove out to the wine country and visited about 5 vineyards. We tasted delicious Pinots and more delicious Pinots, and eventually ended up eating lunch (after drinking lunch) at the Dundee Bistro around 4 pm!

While Nick and Julie slept in style (and comfort, and peace and quiet) at the downtown Marriott, Robert and I opted for an "adventure" - we slept in a little room above McMennamins White Eagle Saloon... let's just say live music and very loud semi's are pretty much all we remember. Oh, and the community bathrooms down the hall and paper-thin walls... you get the picture.

But aside from the lack of sleep... Robert and I had more fun in our three days in Portland than we've had in a long time. The weather was great - well, for me who loves gray days and rain:) I don't think I've ever had such an abundance of great food, great wine, AND great company. Thank you Nick and Julie for coming to Oregon... we had a LOVELY time!!!