Thursday, May 24, 2007

Aboard the Champagne Lady

So after four nights on the Champagne Lady, we've done more walking, eating, and shopping that I think I've ever done in my life:) Robert and I have been napping regularly, eating plenty of fruit and oreos (not necessarily together), and drinking lots of yummy Pinot Noir from all over the world. We tried a French one tonight which I particularly enjoyed. We began our journey in Anacortes, Washington where Gene and Penny keep the boat, and have been travelling through the San Juan Islands into Canada. Tonight we're in Sidney, Canada on Vancouver Island. Robert and I spent six hours walking around town today with Kai, and realized that sunny days mean we should wear sunscreen; both of us are suffering from major sunburns to the face and neck regions. Not sure about Kai since he's covered in fur:) I did find a really great pair of sunglasses though, so the pain is well worth it! I think we'll be spending the bulk of our time in Canada since we managed to make it through customs (Robert doesn't have a current passport and mine still has Smith as my last name... oops!). A little explanation of the above photos: top one is us on Jones Island. We took the Dinghy boat over to the shore so the doggies could go potty and snapped the photo of us with our boat in the background. Middle photo is a close-up of our furry son, and the bottom one is us with Popeye... he's a real seal that hangs out at Friday Harbour. He has a funny eye (hence the name), and we actually saw him just floating/napping in the harbour. Alas, it was a Tuesday and not a Friday:)
Okay... time to curl up on our "waterbed" - the bed is actually solid, but the whole boat is kind of floating in water:)
Love you all!

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