Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bennington Bloopers

Tonight we're at Silva Bay on Gabriola Island (settled by the Spanish conquistadors - yes!) and Robert and I took a little dinghy ride around the islands. Kai managed to find a coconut on the beach (yes, a part of the South Pacific in the Pacific Northwest...I don't know how either). We're still on the lookout for whales, but we have seen tons of sea lions which are so friggin' cute! Amidst the sightseeing, crabbing, walking, reading, and eating, there have been a few comedic moments that we have been lucky to catch on film:) Here's a map of where we are, along with some bloopers... enjoy!

Look closely at the white dog on the left side of the photo - she's pooping:)

Robert -the caveman- inspecting the coconut

Yes, I have incredibly freakish feet

Kai didn't want to "say cheese"

Not sure what kind of cow this came from!!!

Penny got a little tangled up while crabbing

We're located at the little green arrow on the map tonight.

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