Monday, January 28, 2008

Girl's Night

Catherine and Dana on pizza duty

Jodi (8 months pregnant with baby #2) and me

Bethany (experienced mom of 3) holding baby Chase

Chase's lovely mom, Amber

Catherine and me entertaining Chase

The women in our Tuesday night Bible Study decided to spend Friday night sans husbands while some of the men went night-skiing at Hoodoo. We baked Papa Murphy's pizzas, sat around visiting, and played a very fun game of Catch Phrase. Amber brought baby Chase (6 months) who is just about to start crawling, and we all enjoyed watching him laugh and giggle as he rolled across the floor. Robert and I continue to be amazed at what a wonderful church we have here in Bend. We are so thankful for the teaching and fellowship we've found at Grace OPC, and the friendships I have made with these women are an incredible blessing to me.


  1. We are so glad to see you with deep friendships and happy times with people from your church!

    Golden moments from God!


    the bergies

  2. What a blessing Robert and Holly. I'm so glad you've found a church home! Love you guys.

  3. I love you girls, especially you Holly for putting up that wonderful pic of me here! lol You are an amazing person and Chase and I are very lucky to have you and the rest of the girls in our lives. God Bless you!