Monday, May 12, 2008

Smith Rock

On Friday we hiked Smith Rock with some friends from church and had so much fun! It was a 3.5 mile hike and we ate dinner on the summit. We took Kai and he had a blast with Aspen (black lab) and Sage (yellow lab puppy). It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we had such a great time visiting and fellowshipping with our friends. The group plans to do this hike every Friday this summer and we're going to do it with them as much as we can! And as accident-prone as I am, I'm happy to report that my only "injuries" were four gnarly blisters from my shoes rubbing the wrong way on our descent:) I took our camera hoping to capture the breath-taking views, but realized, uppon arrival at our destination, that the battery was completely drained. So the photos above are "borrowed" - and I'll try to get some of my own next time!


  1. Look who figured out how to leave a comment!!!!!!
    That looks like a gorgeous hike, my gorgeous friend.