Monday, April 6, 2009

They Move!!!

21 weeks

Yesterday morning, April 5th, I felt some obvious movements from the little ones for the very first time! My alarm went off at 8:45 for church, and as I lay there in bed on my left side I felt what seemed to be a "bubble" moving on my right. I wasn't sure if it was a baby or just stuff going on inside, but it happened again! I grabbed Robert's hand and put it on my belly and it happened a third time and he could feel it too! It was a very exciting moment and I'm so glad Robert was close by to experience it with me. Then a few hours later during our church service that little boy on my right side started kicking again! Robert was sitting right next to me, so I grabbed his hand and we spent the next 5-10 minutes listening to the sermon with both of our hands on my belly feeling the little guy being really active and trying to contain our laughter. I think I felt a light kick or two on the left (where the girls are), but so far the boy is by far the "athletic" one of the group:) Yesterday also just happened to be Palm Sunday and Robert made the little joke that our babies were in there "waving their palms for Jesus" - too cute!


  1. How exciting! You look sooo great Holly!

  2. A very exciting moment - thank you for sharing it with us!!