Wednesday, March 18, 2009

18 Weeks

My 18 week belly

Happy mommy and happy daddy

It's 2 girls and 1 boy!!!

Assuming the position

This week was a big milestone for us! Even though we've already had about 10 ultrasounds, we were able to get the very thorough one done this week and also were able to find out the genders of our babies!!! On Monday morning (March 16th) we headed over to St. Charles hospital and had a three hour ultrasound! The ultrasound tech checked everything from each baby's size and weight, to their heart chambers and heartbeats. He even checked how their bones are growing and how their kidneys are functioning! It is truly amazing the things they can see from sound waves! And we also now know that we are having two little girls and a little boy:) Babies A and B currently weigh 10 ounces each and are about 6 inches long (from crown to rump). Baby C is a little bit tinier: she's about the same length but only weighs 8 ounces. Here are some pictures from our appointment!


  1. yay! 2 girls and 1 boy sounds perfect, to me!

  2. Holly, you look wonderful in these pictures! I'm so excited to see your beatiful girls and handsome boy!