Tuesday, July 21, 2009

37 Weeks

Princess Grace

Oliver looks like he's ready for the mountain!

Miss Audrey

Grace is ready for her bath!

Sleepy Grace

Daddy and Oliver

Oliver "sunnin' his buns" - trying to fix some diaper rash

Daddy and Audrey snoozin'

Tomorrow the babies will be 10 weeks old (37 weeks gestationally), and are showing new abilities and reflexes every day! Last Friday I watched Oliver flip from his tummy to his back all by himself, the very same day Audrey began nursing (with vigor!), and early this morning Grace took an ENTIRE bottle by mouth! What big accomplishments! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of them!

Audrey's a cute one, but man, she's stinky!!! She's been pretty gassy this week and keeps us laughing (and gagging:)) She's up to 6lbs7oz today, and the doctor has put her on diuretics and some reflux medication because she was retaining quite a bit of fluid and was beginning to look like a little marshmallow!

Oliver has gotten s0 big! He was 6lbs14oz today (I can't believe he's almost 7 pounds!) and the little guy is awake all the time! We were really hoping he would be home this week, but he's still having pretty big desaturations and spells where he forgets to breathe. He has to go 7 full days without either of those things, so we know we have at least another week, probably more. But mommy and daddy are really enjoying feeding him and giving him baths.

And sweet little Grace is just about to hit the 5lb mark! She was 4lbs13oz today and is catching up with her big brother and sister! She seems to really enjoy her warm bath water, and just loves when mommy washes her little bald head:)


  1. Wow that is so amazing to hear how big they are getting!! Little chunky monkeys! I love them so much and can't wait to kiss their faces. Praise the Lord for all He's done!

  2. I love the picture of Oliver in his little farm onesie!

  3. Such great news Holly! Can't wait for you to be able to take your little ones home!

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  5. The pictures are adorable and the babies are getting so big!

  6. Great news you guys! Can't wait to see the little cuties firsthand. Miss you guys!

  7. Wow, they are getting SO big! Aww, Oliver's farm outfit is so cute! What size is that? I don't think Luke will be able to fit his for a while, but cloth diapers help because they're so bunchy he can wear bigger clothes. :)