Thursday, October 15, 2009

5 Months Old!

Our 5-month old trio

Happy boy

Tummy time!

The babies' new playroom!

Too much fun.

Mommy and Audrey

Strong boy!

Grace is mesmerized

Oliver enjoying his new interactive playmat

Nakie on a bed of stars...

Grace wasn't too happy about this outfit:)

All bundled up!

Feeding babies in the car after our walk

Our little cupcake!

Audrey in her Davis Farmer's Market outfit - thanks Auntie Mary:)

Watchin' daddy

Oliver's fancy little chair

Brudder and sister

Huggin' my toy

Sweet Audrey

Time to get weighed again!

Ready to go for a ride to Grace's appointment


Aaahhh. After 6 grueling days apart, being back together this week has been so wonderful. The babies seem really happy to be together again. And the babies are 5 months old today! Wow, I just can't believe it. They have been doing such cute things: all three babies are fascinated with lights. So when I feed them, they stare at the lights. When I hold them on my lap or walk around the house, their eyes go from light to light. Audrey has become such a smiler! If you talk to her, she smiles. If you sing to her, she smiles. If you just look at her, she smiles! SO CUTE! Oliver continues to talk and chatter all day long, and is getting so big! He can hold his head up for extended periods of time and has started grabbing things and bringing them to his mouth (including his fist and thumb)! Even little Gracie is now making little sounds, and at her doctor's appointment this week, was up to 9lbs 8oz! Now that the babies are getting so playful (and so big!) Robert and I decided to clear out the front room of our house and turn it into a playroom for the babies. Now they have room to roll, swing, and all lay by each other for tummy time. Happy 5 month birthday, Audrey, Oliver, and Grace!

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  1. Happy B-Day, Trips! I've been a little slow catching up with you and your parents after fire season, but have really enjoyed reading your mommy's blogs. Thanks, Holly, for sharing so authentically and vulnerably. And thanks both of you for modeling total commitment to your kids and to each other. Please give each of the kiddos a congratulatory high five for us on reaching their 5-month b-day in amazingly great form! (And give yourselves a few moments off together to become reacquainted!) Love, Tomas for the Bergies