Monday, November 9, 2009


Audrey listening to Oliver

Oliver talking to Audrey

Watching Gracie play

I worked hard for these rolls!

Brother and Sister

Workin' with Daddy

Our big boy!

Miss blue eyes

The babies at 51/2 months

The family on Halloween

The babies' first Halloween (Grace was too tiny for her orange outfit)

Oliver and Audrey - Boo!

Our Audrey pumpkin

Audrey and Kai

Grace with a few self-inflicted scratches - mommy needs to trim her nails!

Little Mr. Bennington

The time is going by so fast. In less than a week the babies will be 6 months old - incredible. The last week of October all three babies discovered their hands, which they spend ample time investigating and sucking on (which doubles as sign language to mom for "feed me!"). They have also discovered each other and are just fascinated with their new-found friends! They are constantly scanning their surroundings for each other and insist on staring at one of the other babies whenever they can - even if it means craning their necks to the side while feeding to get a good look at brother or sister. Oliver loves sitting up now and is constantly working those tummy muscles trying to get himself into a sitting position (but still requires a little help from mommy or daddy). He also giggled for the first time yesterday while daddy was flapping his arms like a chicken:) Audrey has been "talking" a lot and even lets out little squeals of delight from time to time. And it seems that little miss Grace has finally found her appetite! For so long she has been eating like a bird and it has been a constant struggle to get the volume down that she is supposed to be eating, but for the past few days she has been eating like a champ - and loudly letting us know if she's still hungry and wants more! Here are some recent pictures including some from the babies' first Halloween!


  1. You guys look great!! I was sure the ordeal you've been through would have aged you quickly, but WRONG! And the kids are truly jumping ahead more preemie look, just great-looking, healthy, happy, alert babies! Praise God!

    Tom and Betty B.

  2. I could use a giggle and would like to request that you post a video of Robert flapping his arms like a chicken. :) So glad to hear all is well with your gang! Hugs and Love from ours...

  3. I just can't stand their cuteness. I have to see them