Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Sunriver

Mommy and Daddy in front of the tree


Oliver played Mary in the Christmas play -
actually, Robert found him hiding in the covers Christmas morning

Mommy and Oliver ready to rip open presents!

Daddy and Audrey on Christmas morning

Star Trek for Robert

One of Mommy's favorite presents

Being silly with Grandpa

Our Christmas morning view

Audrey is a wild thing in her Jumperoo!

Oh my goodness - they're in high chairs!!!

Grace's first "ride" in her big girl chair:)

The babies spent their first Christmas with Mommy and Daddy at Grandma and Grandpa Bennington's house in Sunriver. It wasn't a white Christmas this year, but it sure was a cold one! Thankfully, Grandma and Grandpa kept the house nice and toasty and even put a little heater in the babies' room to keep them extra warm. Mommy and Daddy slept in on Christmas day so we didn't get around to breakfast or opening presents until after 1:00 (can you still call that breakfast - ?)! I guess we should enjoy that while we can; in a few years from now we'll more than likely have three little munchkins bouncing on our bed ready to open presents at the crack of dawn! Here are some photos of the babies' first Christmas!

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