Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving at the Bennington's

Gracie's tortoise tongue

Gracie and Oliver are starting to look alike!

Mommy and Mr. O in his moby wrap

My poor baby girl's sore little legs

Audrey standing(!) and saying hello to Oliver

Grandpa keeping the girls entertained

Grandma and Oliver

Gracie liked to talk to the friendly, purple hippo

"I'm walking on sunshine"

Mmmm... Audrey's sleeve is yummy!

My little flower child

Grandpa and Oliver


The baby play area

Sweet baby Audrey

Our beautiful Thanksgiving table

"Tutu" giving Audrey a bottle

Mommy, Daddy, and three babies!

Oliver playing with his toys

The babies took their first trip to Sunriver to stay at Grandma and Grandpa Bennington's for Thanksgiving! Unfortunately, the girls each had to get FIVE shots the day before, so they weren't feeling too good and were pretty fussy but they still managed to have fun playing with Grandma and Grandpa (thank goodness for Tylenol!). Audrey started standing up, first on people's laps and then whenever and wherever she could! She still needs some hand-holding to stay up, but once up, she locks her little legs in place and just smiles and smiles. All three babies got weighed this week, and are definitely growing at their own paces! Audrey (the happy medium) was just under 15lbs, little Gracie was just about 10lbs, and Oliver was a whopping 17.4lbs!!! Grandpa must have been slipping him some turkey during Thanksgiving dinner!

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