Sunday, June 6, 2010

May in Photos...

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

Kayaks at Friday Harbor

Grandpa and Gracie

We call this one "Grumpy and Goofy"

The Grassmunchers

Feeding babies in the grass at Friday Harbor

I love Gerber Cheesepuffs!

Feed me, Tutu!

Our little snoozer zzzzzzzzz

Robert fell in love with this Dinghy

Lovely Roche Harbor

Oliver holding hands with his "girlfriend" Angela who he met at the parade!

Gracie and Tutu at the Victoria Day Parade

Playing with Mommy's stuff is SO FUN!

Love from Daddy

I love my spatula!

Our handsome captain!

On the water

Oliver and Mommy on the flybridge

Entering beautiful Victoria Harbor!

And this is what we call a "Daddy's special"!

Sidney wildlife

Our handsome little sailor boy

Our adorable peanut

Oh, did you mean "no touch" about this?!

Gracie stylin' in her new hat!

Our new hats are SO cool!

Audrey loves to play "Peek-a-boo"

There's nothing quite as joyous for a mother of triplets as a wall of free diapers...

The cake table!

My lovely "watermelon" cake!

Vegetables are out the window...

Stop taking pictures and BRING ME MY CAKE! cream is good!

That was the best thing I've EVER tasted!

Audrey is pulling up on everything and soooo close to walking!

Birthday girl #1 and Birthday boy

The little birthday girl

So Grandpa, let me tell you what I want...

Grandma Terri is determined to get Oliver crawling!

Tutu and Gracie

Daddy on his way to make tri-tip sandwiches!

Grandpa and the Buttenhoffs

My little buddy Chase

Milena and me


Kelly and sweet baby Halle

Tina and her little pal, Audrey:)

The lovely Lawson ladies

Ginger and Lucinda - these ladies have been such a huge help to me!

Lindsey and Lydia - so pretty!

Amber and "Joe Cool" - oh wait, that's Oliver!

Daddy had to hold Grace over the trashcan to get all the cake off of her!

Grandpa and Gracie are worn out after such a fun party!

Here are some photos from the babies' 1st birthday party and our two week boat trip through the San Juan and Gulf Islands with Grandpa Gene and Tutu!

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  1. Such great pictures Holly! The babies are growing up so fast!