Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Fun

This week has been so incredibly warm and sunny that I've decided to try and get the babies outside as part of our routine each day! This week we've walked the neighborhood, we've walked the river trail down at the Old Mill (I pushed two babies in the double stroller and carried one on my back), we've sat on a blanket in the grass in our backyard and played with toys, and yesterday, the babies played in their new kiddie pool for the first time! Here are some pictures - and even a video! - of all the "fun-in-the-sun" the babies and I have been enjoying!

Oooh...this is like a huge bathtub!

Gracie in her stylish swimsuit

I love that belly.

So, what you wanna do? I don't know...what you wanna do?

Audrey loves to splash!

The three musketeers

Hey guys...wait for me!!!

Audrey and Mommy at the Bend Farmer's Market

Daddy and Audrey at the Farmer's Market

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  1. I love your cute kids!!

    Check out my blog. I gave you an award!