Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sears Portraits 2010

Robert's cousin is getting married this weekend in Portland (Congratulations, Peter and Stephanie!!!) and although I don't often buy the girls matching dresses, I just happened to be in our favorite baby store in the whole wide world (Baby Phases Tot 2 Teen) and found two adorable fluffy white dresses in the perfect sizes on the clearance I bought them. And since the girls will only be in them for about 3 hours at the wedding, I thought I'd get a little more "use" out of them by getting some pictures taken at Sears! So yesterday I loaded the babies in the car, packed the back with their gear, two changes of clothes, snacks, drinks, props, etc., and headed to Sears! Penny came along to help - and thank goodness she did! This was only the babies' second "professional" photo shoot (we had Christmas pictures done when they were about 6 months old) and since then they have all become quite a bit more mobile! We were sweating bullets trying to keep them all in the same spot; as soon as we got them "posed" the photographer would have to start snapping pics as quickly as she could (I think I'm even in a few shots accidentally running out of the frame trying to make my exit!) before a baby, or two, or three started rolling or crawling away! But about 2 hours and an exhausted, dehydrated mom later, we managed to get a few great shots: mission accomplished! Enjoy!


  1. What fun, adorable photos, Holly! You look great too - love the hair!

  2. The "faith, hope, & love" shots are adorably cute.