Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sick Days...

Audrey is so grown up - her first real ponytail and reading a book (she actually opened the pages and said "Goodnight, Moon")!

Potty time x3!

Sticker fun!

Dress up!

Audrey in her tutu!

Ballet on chairs!

We got a little more than a fun weekend on our trip to Portland...we also got sick. The runny noses started, then the sore throats, and now we're all tired and achy. The kids actually seem to be weathering it quite well, and I'm learning that even when Mommy's sick, she still has to take care of three rest for the weary! Robert has even stayed home from work the past two days because he feels so crummy, so we've been housebound for over three days! But even though it's kind of boring being stuck at home for so long, the kids have still found ways to keep busy and have some fun. Here are a few photos from our "sick days"!

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  1. are your kids potty trained? Taleah has Good Night Moon partially memorized. I love that book!