Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thomas the Train

So, my triplets are obsessed with Thomas the Train. Well, it's more like Oliver is obsessed and he projects that obsession onto his sisters by begging me to put on one of their Thomas the Train DVDs every morning, by dragging his Thomas the Train blanket around the house, and by carrying his little wooden Thomas the Train trains with him wherever he goes (lookout, Pooh, your days are numbered!) or ripping them out of the hands of one of his sisters should she be unfortunate enough to have indulged herself even in the thought of playing with HIS "Kah-mus" (that's Oliver speak for Thomas). I mean, the girls love Thomas, too, they just don't get as insanely excited at the DVD sounds of Thomas and his friends roaring across the tracks of Sodor. Oliver has even gotten to the point that he needs to take his little, blue, wooden Thomas train with him to bed to "cuddle" or he can't (well, won't) go to sleep. At least he doesn't try to wedge it into his mouth (yet) like he does with Pooh's arm. So a few weekends ago, I saw a train table listed on Craigslist. I drove over to see it and it was perfect. Solid wood (always go "sturdy" with three toddlers), just the right height, and with a removable activity mat for trains now...and then a white table underneath for whatever "activity" comes next in our house! I wedged that giant table into my van and then jumped back on Craigslist to find some train sets. That very same day I found a woman selling some Thomas the Train track sets and wooden trains! You should have seen the kids' faces when we went to pick that stuff up - I got in the car with a huge blue Thomas the Train box and they went NUTS. So basically, they now play at their "train table" from morning till night building different track variations and fighting over trains - and they LOVE IT.

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