Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Name, New Game

Hi y'all. It's late. I should be sleeping and gearing up for another crazy day of mamahood with four littles under four, instead I'm burning the midnight oil and updating my blog. Literally, in the dark with one candle baby can sleep, of course.

For matters of privacy, I've decided to give my blog a "new name, new game". When we began our blog several years ago - and pre-Facebook -  it was a good, central, place to share photos and updates with our friends and family. But now that I do that (about a jazillion times each day) on Facebook, I think my blog is going to take a different route; and hopefully a more public one (hence the reason I've ditched including our last name and city in the title!) Rather than simply being a place to re-post Facebook stuff for non-Facebookers, I hope this blog can be a simple, friendly place where I can write and expand on my Mamahood: What I'm doing as a mama, what I'm learning as a mama, what I believe in as a mama, and most importantly, about the sweet little ones who call me "Mama". I hope to do this with as much grace, honesty, and humor as possible.  

Please note (and share!) my new blog address: