Saturday, June 7, 2008

Balloons Over Bend

My favorite balloon

Balloons over... OUR HOUSE!

Passing by...

Robert enjoying the event

Every June the city of Bend inaugurates summer by launching hot air balloons from Jewell Elementary School - right around the corner from us! Robert was up early this morning to head off to Bible Study, heard a strange sound, and went outside to find eight balloons directly over our house! He woke me up and we spent the 6:00-hour observing these giant colorful masses floating through the still blue Central Oregon sky. Our street was silent except for the loud "whooshing" sound of the gas burners used to lift the balloons. The crisp, cool weather seemed made for such an event... and it was pretty incredible to see!


  1. what does WDJD mean? What Doesn't Jesus Do?

  2. i'm sooooooooooo delayed... but who cares?! :)

    those pictures are awesome!!! i love the one balloon just hovering over your house.