Friday, July 8, 2011

Bible Verse Alphabet

I often quote the verse "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right" (Ephesians 6:1) when I am disciplining the triplets, because I believe ultimately, they must learn to be obedient to their parents as a way of learning how to be obedient to God. I memorized scripture when I was a child in Sunday school, VBS, and at school, and I am so thankful for the many truths I learned when I was young, for they are the very verses which I still remember! I was going to make a poster for the triplets of just that verse to hang in their room, but when I googled it this morning (for poster ideas) I found this incredible site/poster of verses for every letter of the alphabet! I really can't afford to spend $40 right now (or I would have purchased this very one!), so I decided I would make my own budget version. I loaded the triplets into the van and we headed off to Michaels. They had a pretty limited "letter" supply (surprisingly), so I settled on these black and white letters ($5.99) and went from there. I found a black piece of poster board ($2.79), a white gel pen ($1.99), and cloth flowers - on the discount rack ($2.99). Total project cost just over $13 - and I think the kids will enjoy the fact that their mama worked so hard to make it for them (or at least that's what I'm telling myself:)) I made it today during their "un-nap" (we started using toddler beds last night so they spent their entire naptime bed-hopping and chasing each other instead of sleeping) and then hung it on their wall when they woke up. My goal is that when they get a little bit older and can repeat a few more words, I will teach them one verse (or letter) a month and have them say it to me every single day for 30 days before moving on to the next one. Just a fun, inexpensive way to decorate their room and adorn their hearts!


  1. This is a great idea. We started memorizing scripture together. We only do one verse at a time, but the ones we have chosen have been written on their hearts already. We are memorizing bits of poetry too.

    I wish I would have thought ahead when they were this young!

    You are doing a great job Holly!

  2. I am totally going to make this for Abby and for my nieces (and nephews) some day. I love this idea!!! I think I might make one for my classroom too!