Friday, July 8, 2011

Broken Bones and Toddler Beds

Our little man broke two bones yesterday in his first attempt to climb out of his crib. And being so hefty and all - that was a lot of weight falling from the sky. I'm not sure how he landed (I was in the kitchen chopping vegetables for minestrone soup while the babies were supposed to be napping), but I clearly heard the loud "thunk" from their room - and then some crying. I ran in to find Ollie on the floor holding his left arm with his right hand. He stopped crying as soon as he saw me, but looked white as a ghost and was shaking pretty badly - the fall must have been quite startling. Oliver is pretty tough, and I knew that if nothing serious had happened, he'd be over it in about 2 seconds. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. For the next 20 minutes he held his arm limp and refused to use it. I called daddy. Robert was in a meeting but said he could cancel his afternoon appointments and be home in about an hour. I let the girls "nap" (I don't think they ever actually went to sleep) and I took Oliver into our room and let him lay on our bed with his blankie, Pooh, and a bag of frozen corn on his little arm. Just after 3:00 daddy got home so Ollie and I headed to The Center to get the arm checked out. Amazingly, there was hardly anyone there, so they were able to get us seen, x-rayed, consulted (yep, he broke it - in two places poor guy!), casted, and out of there in less than 40 minutes! I love that place! Oliver was an absolute trooper and aside from the slightly different way he was carrying his arm you never would have known he had taken such a tumble! He even got to pick out a color for his cast and chose a pretty awesome, bright shade of green. I called daddy to let him know the news, and also asked him to disassemble the cribs and turn them into toddler beds - not wanting the same fate to beFALL the girls. I stopped at Wendy's on the way home and got Oliver a frosty (everyone deserves a treat when they break a bone!) and when we got back home daddy had transformed their room into an empty, safe space for TODDLERS! All the furniture and "stuff" was gone, closet secured closed, and even the doorknobs had been reversed so we could lock them in at night and avoid three bandits wandering around the house:) After Bible Study they were so excited to go to sleep in their "big kid beds". We knew they wouldn't actually stay in bed, but after about an hour of running around, screaming, and taking turns jumping in all the beds, they eventually found their way back to their correct beds and pretty much slept through the night! The video monitor did show Audrey sleeping on the floor at one point and Oliver woke up crying around 11:00, but I think that may had to do more with the awkwardness of sleeping in a cast. On a positive note, yesterday was also the first time Audrey said "I love you" to me completely unbidden and just because she felt like it ~ it melted my heart!


  1. Oh poor Oliver! He is such a tough little boy! Glad the kiddos are enjoying their big kid beds!

  2. Aww what a trooper!! I'm glad everything worked out - But poor little Ollie :(

  3. He is a trooper! I have to say, he looks pretty cute with that cast :-) Do they know how long he has to keep it on? I'm waiting for the day we have a broken bone. It's only a matter of time with B! I'm so thankful for our video monitors too! I don't know what I would do with out them!