Friday, July 29, 2011

First Harvest

While Gracie was off boating with Grandpa Scott and Grandma Terri today, Audrey, Oliver, and I spent the day enjoying the (very) warm weather and sunshine. We went on a lunch date to Cascade Lakes Brewery and then after a THREE HOUR NAP we went out back and harvested our first crop of Garnet leaf lettuce and spinach! I don't know why I hadn't realized it was ready a week or so ago - the spinach leaves are bigger than my hand and the lettuce was so thick it was practically tangled! There was a TON to harvest - and it hardly looks like I made a dent in my garden! Audrey loved helping me put it in the right bowls (although I later found her ripping off broccoli leaves and adding them to the spinach pile!), and Oliver enjoyed taste testing the lettuce:) I had so much I was able to share some with our neighbors and we had a beautiful salad with our bbq chicken for dinner!

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