Thursday, March 15, 2007


Sunday was a beautiful day in Bend! After months of snow and cold it crept all the way up to 73 degrees; I even managed to get a minor sunburn sitting outside for an hour! So, in honor of the wonderful weather Robert and I decided to take our pup (Kai) for a nice walk along the river. We walked about 3 miles and as Robert was throwing the ball into the water for Kai, we saw something run by out of the corner of our eyes. Upon further inspection I noticed another smaller, faster object: a baby chick. The larger object turned out to be its big white mama. I called Robert over to the brush where I had found them and we also found 7 dead baby chicks. Being the inconsolable animal lovers we are, we decided we just couldn't leave them there to starve and die like their unfortunate siblings/children, so we wrapped them in our sweatshirts and drove them home in our laps. Sunday night they stayed in cat kennels, but on Monday we went to the local feed store and bought all the chicken essentials. Now they're satiated, hydrated, and living it up in a posh chicken condo:) In fact, the mom was so happy she laid a fat, blue egg for us (that's normal for her breed: Ameraruacana)!

Here are some pictures of our new additions to the family...