Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good Times with the Giudices

Robert and I just returned home from a wonderful, relaxing weekend with Ben and Mary in Davis, California. The weather was GREAT, (although at a mere 70 degrees I managed to get burnt to a crisp), and Davis was a lovely spring green. We brought Kai and Molly (the doggies) with us and spent lots of time taking walks, playing board games, eating gelatto, eating food, eating snacks- you get the point:) Mary made a deliciously spicy curry dish, homemade pizza, and we even made pumpkin cookies, which Kai soon found and devoured in their entirety. On Sunday we were able to visit their church with them (which we absolutely loved!), and were really moved by the openess and friendliness of all the people. On our way home we made a stop at the Redding IN-N-OUT and quickly crossed into Oregon where it was snowing and a balmy 35 degrees... welcome home!!!