Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

Daddy and Oliver

Oliver fast asleep in Daddy's arms


Grandpa Gene and Oliver

Tutu and Audrey

Audrey in Tutu's arms

Daddy and Gracie


Mommy, Audrey, and Oliver

Audrey (left) and Oliver

Robert's first Father's Day was very special. We stopped by the NICU before church, and found that our sweet babies had made their dad a beautiful Father's Day card (with the help of their nurse, Jen:)) And Jen wanted them to look extra cute for their daddy, so she knit little "kitty hats" for the girls and is working on a hat for Oliver. After church, we had lunch with Grandpa Gene and Tutu (the Hawaiian word for Grandmother), and then we all spent the afternoon at the NICU holding babies! Tutu held Audrey, Grandpa Gene held Oliver, Daddy held Grace, and Mommy got to take lots of pictures!
Updates on the babies:
Audrey hit 4lbs 3oz yesterday (she has been gaining about 2 ounces a day!), and was moved out of her isolette into a big girl bed - a crib.

Oliver was up to 3lbs 14oz yesterday and had his nasal canula (oxygen tube) removed and is now breathing on his own. He loves sucking on his pacifier, but when that's not available he works really hard to get his tiny thumb in his mouth. And he has been nursing at least once a day and just yesterday began transfering milk.

Grace has also been gaining about 2 ounces a day this past week and was at 2lbs 14oz yesterday. She should hit the 3lb mark either today or tomorrow!


  1. I LOVE the girls little hat! Oh my goodness they are just too cute i want to kiss their cheeks off. Thanks for the update. I can't say enough how I am overjoyed with happiness.

  2. I love their little hats! So cute! I am so happy they are doing so well!

  3. oh my stars...i am in love with your babies! those big eyes! you must be going nuts with glee when you see them growing!!! love, amy stafford

  4. The hats are soprecious- and I love how Audrey and Oliver's eyes hold the exact same expresion in the last picture!

    Glad to hear they are growing big and strong!!