Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15th - One Month Old

Audrey awake (look at those eyes!)

Audrey asleep in mommy's arms

Kangaroo care with Oliver

Oliver (smiling!) on daddy:)

Oliver wide awake and ready to eat!

The little cards the nurse made for Grace
(look how much she's changed in one month!)

Mommy holding Grace

Grace (smiling!) in mommy's arms

Our three little miracles were born one month ago today! And in just one month's time they have made significant progress and look so much bigger to mommy and daddy! Audrey, born at 2lbs 7 oz, is now 3lbs 7 oz. Oliver, born at 2lbs 6oz, is now 3lbs 6oz (I just noticed that in exactly one month, they each gained exactly one pound!), and little Grace, born at 1lb 9oz, is now 2lbs 4 oz! Grace is still the only baby breathing completely on her own (no more oxygen tubes - yay!), while bigger brother and sister are still requiring a tiny bit of assistance. Audrey and Oliver have for the most part made it down to "room air" (the same percentage of oxygen that we breathe), but still need just a tiny amount of airflow to help their little lungs inflate more easily so they don't have to labor as hard to breathe.

Today was an incredibly special day for mommy. I decided to hold Oliver during his afternoon "hands on time" and he looked really awake and alert which is a new development for our normally perpetually drowsy babes. I asked the nurse if I could put him to my breast to see what he would do (premature babies don't normally take interest or tolerate nursing until about 32 - 34 weeks and our babies are just over 31), but to my surprise and delight, as soon as I placed him near me, he latched right on and began sucking vigorously - which startled mommy a bit! He stayed there for 15 minutes and his stats remained good (the reason most babies can't nurse until around 34 weeks is because they haven't developed their "suck-swallow-breathe" reflex and often stop breathing while feeding). Even the nurse couldn't believe how well he was doing! He kept his little eyes open and stared up at his mama and even put both of his tiny little hands on me. It was the most wonderful feeling to hold my son so close after all this time. When he was done he fell asleep on my skin and slept peacefully there for the next two hours.

Happy 1 month birthday, Audrey, Oliver, and Grace! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!


  1. It's so good to hear a success story--especially with Grace off oxygen and Oliver starting to nurse! GOD IS GOOD!!! I'll continue to pray for your family and can't wait to read more soon!

  2. what a special bunch of kids- so happy to hear that they are all progressing so well.

  3. every picture i can't help but say awww! awww! awww! oh man i just love them to pieces!! it is so awesome to see the Lord blessing them every day!

  4. I love reading your progress reports! Thanks for all the good photos.


  5. I love it- reading your blog and catching up with you guys!!! Thanks so much for sharing! What a great story!
    ~Amy for the Greens~

  6. Oh Holly that is such great news! I can't believe how much they have changed in one month!

  7. Congrats on One MONTH Robert and Holly. These precious little ones have grown so much. I know you both are proud and happy at all the new accomplishments they do. Way to go OLIVER... He is going to lead his sisters by example, huh? God Bless you FIVE and I will be watching the blog to see and hear more. (As well as hearing from Robert too..)

  8. awww, sooo glad Oliver was able to nurse...that is sooo awesome!! Isn't it a wonderful bonding experience?? It makes me tear up to hear that they are doing so well. So happy to hear!

    Love you guys and thanks for the updates!

  9. Holly, your children are gorgeous!!! Congratulations to both of you. Take care, Kim @ Bend Naturopathic Clinic