Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We really do have multiples!

Two peas in a pod

Mommy, Oliver (front), and Audrey

Do they look alike or what?!

Since the babies are so tiny, and taking them in and out of their isolettes is pretty stressful for them, the nurses prefer that we hold them for several hours at a time. The problem with this, is that while holding one baby, we usually miss the "hands on time" for the other two babies, and therefore usually end up only being able to hold one baby a day. I was feeling pretty guilty about each baby not getting held by mommy or daddy every day, so I decided to spend 8 straight hours at the NICU today so I could hold a different baby at each "hands on time" every three hours.

I started with Audrey, and tried to see if she would nurse. After giving it a good try and wearing herself out, she fell asleep on me. I had been holding her for about an hour when I noticed Oliver was wide awake and wiggling around in his bed. My heart ached to hold him, so I asked their sweet nurse, Cheryl, if I could hold him too! And since he was taken off of oxygen today and is now breathing all on his own, he is much more "transportable", so she was able to bring him over to where I was sitting with Audrey, and for the very first time since they've been born, two of the babies were able to be together again! It was so wonderful holding both of them at the same time. We have so many pictures of them by themselves, it was beginning to feel like we had three non-related babies rather than triplets used to sharing a womb! Grandma Marsha was able to stop by while I was holding them and enjoy seeing two of her grandbabies together and out of their little beds!

After holding Audrey and Oliver for three hours I held my sweet baby Grace. She's up to 2lbs 6oz today, which is how much Oliver weighed when he was born! She still looks pretty tiny next to her big brother and big sister, but she's growing each day and getting cuter by the minute:)

I can't wait to be able to hold all three!


  1. awww- these are the pictures I've been longing to see! *together at last, together forever* you have three gorgeous children (And yes, they do look exactly alike!!)

  2. Holly,
    We met at your second storks club meeting, I'm Sarah and I sat next to you. Mary Dittman just gave me your blog info. Congratulations on your beautiful babies! I am so happy for your family. Please know that you have been in my prayers since you went into the hospital and will continue to be until all three loves are home safe and sound.

  3. Wow I Haven't been online for a few updates I was so happy to see so many updates and improvements in your little Angels.What a miracle from God they are so very precious and beautiful.We continue to keep you in our prayers.Thank You for sharing your Little Angels with all of us.It's so awesome to see the progress they have made

  4. Oh man! I hated it when Ethan and Macey had to be separated at first, too! I remember how great it was when they could sleep in the same crib in the NICU!
    How special that you got in some good snuggle time with 2 of your sweet babies! It must have felt a little more like "home" to them, too! :)
    You are an amazing mommy, Holly! (and you are an amazing daddy, Robert!)
    Lots of Love- the Greens

  5. Thanks for sharing, I love new borns, they all look like God's little raisins.
    Will they put the babies together at some time? I have heard putting preemies together with their siblings is very healthy. I am sure it would be hard with all the IV's and what not.
    We are praying and sending you 5 all good thoughts.

  6. my heart is filled with joy for you holly. i have the goosebumps! love, amy stafford

  7. Hi Holly, SURPRISE! It was quite by coincidence that I saw the name "Holly Smith" on the Fieldhouse website. I logged on to your website & it did not take me long to verify that it was the same Holly I knew. Your smile is the same and you are a student I will never forget. It was so good to see you again. My. you have experienced SO MUCH. God is good. I will be praying for ALL of you daily. Love, Jan Vanderburg...your past BCS teacher.