Friday, March 9, 2012

Ballerinas and (Coconut Lime) Banana Bread

Yes, that's my son in a tutu.

This morning while Gracie got in some snuggle time with Daddy, the "twins" and I headed into the living room where we turned on their favorite Putamayo kids CD (Animal Playground), put on their tutus, and they did some awesome ballet moves while I got started on a unique new banana bread recipe I found via Pinterest on the very colorful, very DIY blog, MADE. If you haven't yet enjoyed the rockin' multilingual tunes on this children's CD, I highly recommend it. Robert and I have a (growing) collection of about 20 Putamayo CDs that we like to add to whenever we're traveling, and we picked this one up back before we even had kiddos and it has become a family favorite that is near and dear to our hearts. I mean, come on, what toddler doesn't love dancing and singing to a French version of Old MacDonald or some Ladysmith Black Mambazo?? The bread - a coconut lime version of your classic banana bread - is pretty simple, yet has a very special glaze that definitely sets it apart from any would-be competition! You can view the recipe (with step-by-step photo instructions) here. It tasted pretty darn good straight out of the oven, but I have to say, after letting it sit all day (it always seems to get moister after sitting for awhile, which also gave the glaze time to cool and "candy" the bread...) it was absolutely scrumptious! I couldn't help myself from having a second slice...and then a third (hey, it's all good - I'm pregnant;)). And if that's any indicator, that means by tomorrow morning it will be - dare I say it - even better! and I may just have to sneak into the kitchen early and finish the entire loaf! Definitely making this one again - it would even make a good hostess dessert or snack for book club (since the glaze makes it more like a cake than a bread...). Oh, and since I was out of all-purpose flour I used all whole wheat and it still came out delicious! Tasty and healthy - win, win!

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  1. Very nice blog! That dessert sounds so yummy!
    Boy you can do it all, girl. When I come to visit, you might have to make it again for your
    Momma! :))