Sunday, March 11, 2012


We spent a leisurely morning at our favorite breakfast spot: McKay Cottage. It is just the cutest little bungalow, with really tasty food and a really friendly staff. The kids absolutely love it, and honestly, it's probably my favorite restaurant in Bend. On another note, I absolutely love the vintage look and effects of all my friends' Instagram photos, and was really bummed about not having an iphone until my supersmart husband pointed out that I could get a similar app for my Sprint HTC Smart Phone. So this morning I downloaded Pixl-o-matic and am having lots of fun playing with my camera phone are a few I messed with from breakfast!


  1. I love going out to breakfast! Oliver looks SO grown up in that photo, I can't get over it! He is a mini Robert for sure.

  2. I know. He wears a 5T (for 5 year olds...) and isn't even 3 years old yet!!! And he is SO sweet, Julie. There's something pretty precious about little boys.