Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Things

Well, it sure didn't start out feeling like the first official day of Spring; we awoke to a windy, grey day and couldn't quite tell if it was raining or snowing...or both. I had a couple of hours of alone time, so after heading through the snow/rain to Barnes and Noble to grade final exams (and after perusing their Spring/Gardening table and getting really in the mood for Spring) I decided to visit my friend Trader Joe to pick up some lovely, bright flowers. On my way home I stopped at Freddie's for some potting soil, little pots, and strawberry starts (on sale for just $.49!); I decided an afternoon of planting would be a good project for the kids and would alleviate my desperation for warm weather and growing things. I thought we'd have to do the planting in our garage, but amazingly enough, by the time the triplets woke up from their nap it was sunny and beautiful outside! We braved the brisk temperatures and headed out onto the patio for some digging and dirt. Each child planted their own strawberry start as well as sprinkled grass seed into a little terra cotta pot. After carefully watering them we brought them inside to protect them from the elements - and they are currently all piled around our kitchen window awaiting glimpses of sun. Then, to my utter delight, my husband came home with Spring cleaning fever and totally cleaned out and organized our bedroom and bathroom (even shredding and sorting through piles and piles of mail!) Our room feels so nice and empty now...I absolutely love it! Happy Spring to me!

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